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Dr Gonzo


Posted on 2016.08.30 at 20:10
Oh what fucking hell is
jive heads bophoping
city beats
Fuck this all

Dr Gonzo
Posted on 2011.07.18 at 12:33
Damn, they are all filled.

Dr Gonzo
Posted on 2011.07.17 at 16:49
Due to dyslexia I was having problems reading off computer screen the information for ICS empowerment with Progerssio(an add/development group). So I phoned them, told them I was interested in their 23+ vol roles (Team Leader, special skilled etc) and could I have info sent out. They said not a problem, there where still roles for TL after October so out it came. Got a week delayed but got it in the end. All the info plus a hard-copy of the application form!

However have way done the infomation pack it say that they no longer have post for 23+ vols. This makes me very angry. It might just mean the October team but I won't know till Monday.

Some of the wording makes me wonder if they mean that the next team to go out in October. I contacted them two weeks ago and they said that January was still open however the website didn't mention anything about 23+ roles being closed.

I shall know more tomorrow.

Dr Gonzo

Éirinn go Brách

Posted on 2011.05.23 at 03:21
Jon "You've just been Snowed" Snow came out with a beuity of a line during her nibbs vists to Eire that I only got via channel hopeing. "And we see the Queen now coming into Dublin Castle, historically seen the base of British tyranny in Ireland...I'll withdraw the word tyranny, and replace it with unfortunate empire antics"

800 YEARS!

...Also 4 billion bale out....

Che...he's funky
Posted on 2011.04.25 at 20:00
Got bored the other day, started working on a manner punk system set in a low fantasy mid magic city like Venice.


I'm a happy-go-luckly scamp

A thought

Posted on 2011.04.23 at 20:28
Current Music: Gregorian Benedictinos
I'm slightly overblow with the amount of media coverage given to HRH William Mountbatten-Windsor and Ms Catherine Middleton forth coming nuptials along with a public repreve from daily toils, ceramic gifts emblazon with their likeness and street celebrations held the length and breath of the land when there are thousands of people everyday doing exactly the same thing and wedding each other, some of which do more good in the world that all the royalty combined. Now where is the public hoilday honoring them?

Might my wedded friends ask the goverment about the slight oversight on this and request the street party and excuse from daily toil?

Dr Gonzo

Those crazy drug taking, whore fucking Dutch!

Posted on 2011.04.05 at 15:44
I heard of an interesting thing that happened in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

ING (a Dutch finical institution) was preparing to give it bankers massive bonus recently in a time, like ourselves, that the public had to pay massive subsidized to cover them. This is a familiar scenario been played out throughout the world, we pay they get bonus.

Now over here the angry young anarchist (one thing beyond Bakunin and Goldman that puts me off Anarchism is anarchists) have seen the best way to make their views herd on the subject is to smash up center London and have mummy and daddy pay for their bail and next weeks trip to India.

The Dutch, however, decided to use their brains and came up with a most novel way to cut the bankers bonus.

Using social networks, they set a date to draw out all the savings from ING.
Thus crippling it.
Thus breaking it.
There demands where simple. Don't give the bankers the bonus.

Perhaps a better demand would also be, don't give the money to the bankers but instead put the collective money into development and grassroots charities? Maybe. It is an interesting idea that has worked well.



Posted on 2011.04.01 at 00:44
Been dreaming of China. Dreaming of Xi'an. Dreaming of Vicky, Fan-anuty and Xu-uncle.

I'm back in Xi'an, handing out soup to homeless people of the cities walls while light snow falls, the dirty grey/brown kind that Shaanix gets in winter. Ann-Maire and Rose go by with Conner and Rhinna on there backs, we talk and then things go strange, lightshows everywhere as I end up at a Buddist temple paying (Wild Goose Pogda?) with Fan-anuty as Xu-uncle sits under a tree smoking a pipe.
Then its odd again, on a train (Xi'an has no metro) going to work and speak to Ann-Maire about something then we get into an argument about why we are in China. I storm of the train that is now a bus and end up in work, its our last day and the kids have a party, at the end of which I'm tiding up and Vicky comes over and we end up slow dancing togeather.

This has been the most recent and clearest dreams I've had of late where I'm back in China. I'm also having dreams about rainforest but I have been reading a lot about South America and the indigenous people as well as handing out pamflets for Survival that still live in the Amazon so maybe thats not that weird.

This weekend I'm going to look through all the diffrent overseas programs I can do.
I don't really want to have media as my career goal anymore, more a tool to use. I want this to be my life from now on. I don't want to do the normal 9-5. GX has changed me.

Dr Gonzo

Oh my eyes...

Posted on 2011.03.23 at 07:34
I can't read anymore! Okay okay let me do a rephase, I can't foucs on what I am reading anymore. Tried to read the NI and Privet Eye and words where a blair in front of me. Got the gest of the articals but at the same time could nither quote the text or the figuers.

Its the jetlag. While your not ment to have it flying east to west add onto to that a very busy, physical challang along with emontaly draining, add it alot of farewell drinks, about 20 hours sleep for the last seven days and then an 11 hour flight and it starts to be a massive problems.

Finaly got sleep yesterday, about 10 hours. Still feel drained (anyone that has had verbal comuncation with me via the meduim of telephone will back me up when I say I make less sense than usual).

Just need to get my sleep paterner fixed. Do like early mourings now though.

Dr Gonzo

I like words

Posted on 2011.03.22 at 10:13
Phases used within GX Team 112 over the last six months:
"When Sudnetly...BEARS!" Author Patrick Meaning: When the line of conversation reached a diffcult or touchy subject matter the phase was used to swifly change it.

"If I wanted comeback I would have wipped it of your mothers faces." Author Lucas When a discussion has reached the leavel of petty insults this one is used to end the conversation once some one has wasted all their Swifting Ammo

"No words To You/Them/That/Myself"Author Boa Qin A mistranslation of the phrase Speachless that came out in a bar in Heathrow and was used ever since.

"What's going on? What Year is it? WHOSE THE PRIESDINET?" Author Patrick Used in team meeting when discussions reached a point where nothing made sense anymore.

"Never bring a Knife to a gunfight!"
"That's why I brought the 7th Panza Legion." Authors Patrick and Lucas When something looks bad we can always do a one up on it.

"But if it gets bigger its get harder." Author Dani Mentioned in a completly inocent way at first, now used all the time to donate something taken out of context.

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